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The temperature at which you store your vinyl affects how it easy it is to use. If you're having trouble with your vinyl laying on the mat like you want- make sure you have a fresh mat, and then try changing up how you store the vinyl. Consider the in transit temperatures it may have encountered. In the summer it can get hot, in the winter it can get cold in transit..... storing the vinyl differently and trying again can change the outcome and make your vinyl easier to use! This includes if your vinyl isn't laying flat, looks like it has bubbles between the vinyl and the mat, or buckeling of any sort!

All vinyl has an optimal temperature range. Extreme cold can affect the performance of the face film and adhesive and make installation difficult if not impossible. On the flip side, extreme heat can make the adhesive too aggressive. So whether you’re applying vinyl graphics in Alaska or Hawaii, January or June, you may have some environmental challenges. What are the risks? How do you know when it’s too cold for your planned installation?

Why does ambient temperature matter for vinyl film installation?

What happens if it’s too cold?

Low ambient or surface temperature reduce the plasticity of PVC face film, which can rob it of its ability to conform to a curved or slightly textured surface. (Face film refers to the the colored part of the vinyl.) If your substrate is smooth and flat, this won’t be as much of a problem.

But conformability is only half the issue. The most conformable vinyl in the world will only stay put if the adhesive works. In temperatures below the minimum, the adhesive becomes so brittle it can’t “wet out” or mold to and bond with the substrate. If you’re near the minimum surface temperature, it may stick initially, but fail to bond well enough to become permanent. This could lead to adhesive failure.

How warm is warm enough?

So how warm does it have to be to avoid failure. It depends. Each vinyl is different, but the general rule is about 45°F (7° C). To be certain you’re within the optimal temperature range, consult the manufacturers’ published data.

If you’re storing vinyl in a warehouse or garage separate from your workspace, be sure to allow it to warm to room temperature before applying. It may be 75° at your desk, but if it’s 35° in the storage area, that vinyl may not be ready to apply as soon as you bring it in. Do the same with masking tape, overlaminate film or any other self adhesive product.

Likewise, if your vinyl is warm but you’re installing on a sign blank or vehicle in a cool garage, heat up the surface before installation. That of course goes to the definition of the term “minimum surface temperature”. The surface temperature of the substrate is as important as that of the vinyl itself.
Remember it generally takes a few days for adhesive to completely wet out or bond to a substrate. So if you have to install vinyl in cold weather, do so in your climate-controlled garage and try to arrange to keep the newly decorated sign or vehicle there for a few days before releasing it into the wild to brave the elements.