Shipping Info


If we are directing you to this page, it is because it contains a lot of information that we think would be helpful and more inclusive, and helps us to not miss any important details you may need, when we are responding to individual emails! Please read through the following information, as it should answer any and all questions shipping related. 
Do not worry. These expected dates are just that, expected but NOT guaranteed. Depending on the time of the year, and the Post Offices current level of packages in the system, these dates can vary! Please never rely on these- as they are wrong more often than right! A package not arriving by the expected delivery date is NOT a reason to worry! :) Your package is on the way! :) 
**Many times, orders are scanned in Fountain CO, and arriving to the Denver sort facility. It may look like the package has not left Colorado.... however, chances are it has, they just haven't updated the information yet!

We can only see the same tracking information as you can! The latest information about your package is available via! If your package has not shown movement in a couple days, most likely it's moving they are just not scanning it. There's nothing to worry about! If you feel it's taking longer than it should, or are in any way worried about a shipment please submit a "LOST MAIL REQUEST" hereThis DOES NOT mean that your package is lost. All this does is forces the USPS to track it down and start getting some scans on it again so you can see it's movement! 
Times it's appropriate to fill out the missing mail claim: 

* Mail Stops Moving
* Mail shows as "re-directed" somewhere. 
*Package shows as accepted from the Post Office but hasn't been scanned again
*any other reason you might be concerned about the whereabouts of your package
**PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN WE GIVE YOU THIS INFORMATION IS IT NOT A GENERIC REPLY. WE TRULY CAN ONLY SEE THE SAME TRACKING INFORMATION THAT YOU CAN. We do realize that you are upset that the Post Office is not scanning your package, and we share this frustration, but please remember that we too are limited on what we can do. We cannot call the post office and demand information, they will not give it to us. By us giving you this information about the steps we "are able to take" we are not dismissing the issue, or showing lack of care. The Post Office's actions are out of our control!

When in doubt, call the USPS. We cannot see anything more than you can see! We know nothing more about the whereabouts of the package than what we can pull up by putting the tracking number into the tracking system on  The Post Office does get a lot of calls, however, they offer the call back service, so that you can enter your phone number through the automated system and get a call back instead of waiting on hold! If you have ANY concerns about your package please call them here: (1-800-275-8777)
What happens if my package never comes?
After 15 business days of NON-MOVEMENT of ANY KIND (no scans, anywhere for 15 business days) from the date the order was shipped  we will re-ship or refund the order. If there are no scans for 7 days, then we will give the post office reasonable time (5 business days from the most recent scan) to deliver. The 15 business days is what the Post Office requires us to give them to "look for" the package. Therefore, we follow accordingly. If you need something faster, you can place a new order, and once the original order arrives to you you can write return to sender on it. We will offer a full refund on that order, including the shipping, when it's returned to us. We realize that when the Post Office delays packages, it is VERY FRUSTRATING and can be a huge inconvenience. We hate when this happens, and are truly sorry if it happens to you. We will monitor the package, and will will re-fund/re-ship per the above stated policy guidelines. By purchasing from our website --- you agree to our terms of service, including our shipping policies. Our policies are transparent- we put them out there so there is no confusion on what we will do in the event that a package is lost/delayed/or damaged. Every customer will receive the same information. Please know that we are not giving you the run around, this is truly all we can do- until the post office deems the package lost. We are equally as frustrated by these situations, and do ask that when approaching us about them you remember that we do everything we can to get orders shipped out ASAP, the post offices delays are out of our control and can and DO happen to EVERY company. We will ALWAYS treat you with respect and ask for that in return! 
If your package arrived damaged, please send us an email within 3 days of receiving it.
To Speed up the Process, your email must include:
  1. The name on the order
  2. The order number
  3. Photo of the product that shows the damage
  4. Photo of the packaging- including the invoice that was in the package 
  5. EMAIL TO: ---


9/10 Times when this happens, calling your local office fixes the problem. They sometimes take the packages back to the post office if there is no safe place to leave it, they deliver it to a parcel locker, or someone from your household already retrieved the package. 
After calling your local office, please send us an email that includes 

  1. The name on the order
  2. The order number
  3. The Tracking Number
  4. EMAIL TO: ---


This is our LEAST favorite wonky thing that the Post Office does. From time to time, they just DO NOT scan the packages. And then BAM... it's scanned out for delivery, or shows up at your door. It's very unusual.... but it happens more than you would think! Below is an example of a package that we sent that only showed that a label was created. It showed this for 4 days. The customer was VERY upset with us, thinking we created a label but never dropped the package off. We did! We ALWAYS do! As a matter of fact, we ONLY create labels when the orders are 100% packed and physically in the hands of our shipping department! They physically touch that package, and print the labels. These labels are immediately put onto the packages and your tracking is updated. We do NOT per-generate tracking numbers!  In this photo, you can see that out of no where, the package was scanned 4 days later in PA. This is proof that you can drop a package off at the post office, it can be sent to a sort facility, and travel through the handles of SEVERAL postal workers without EVER being scanned. We don't like this, but we see it! SO PLEASE be patient! If you were given a tracking number, it HAS shipped! 100%. No doubt in our minds!